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Monday, February 14, 2011

Around and about New Zealand

I set sail on 19 February 2010 for a two week cruise from Melbourne, sailing around the South and North Islands of New Zealand.

At once you are reminded once again of how far away Australia is from everywhere else – it took two days full sailing until we reached the Fiordlands in the south-western area of the South Island and three full days at sea returning from Auckland in the North.

The fiordlands are quite spectacular. As the weather would have it, our day of scenic cruising was overcast, misty  with sporadic rain and a couple of patches of sun – well, quasi-sun!! But this was good really, as my photos took on a kind of mystery and moodiness that would not have happened in full sunshine. We first sailed into Milford Sound, passing a spectacular waterfall and then on to Thompson Sound, sailing around Secretary Island and exiting through Doubtful Sound. Don’t ask me why these places have such strange names – a script writer could make much of them I think!


A pretty little town with acentral square – well octagon actually. I just strolled about in the sun, explored some side streets, including a major one sporting a hugely impressive railway station and town hall, and visited the art gallery, which contained some interesting pieces including two wonderful paintings of Maori chiefs.

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